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Tell us about your idea, we help you to validate and produce the prototype



We create and develop web site to add value and touch lives through effective communication and professional design



We help you build a wide online audience and potential customers

We Value Quality First

We Value Quality First and transforming lives through Information Technology

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Quality Products


We deliver a specific type of service to help our partners get result. Our goal is to design and deploy standard technology that make a positive impact on the live of your organizations, team and target audience

Web Site design or Re-design

We help you have a web site that add value and help you reach a specific goal.

Online Marketing & Copy Writting

We help create content that will bring your customers to you.

Online Audience Development

We help ministries and other form of organization reach a specific group of people with a message through the internet.

Software Engineering & Coding

We cherish process and quality. We help you validate your software project and put our coding skill at your disposal.

E-Commerce & Web Development

You have a startup idea, a web site that requires Full stack development. Our 10 years of experience is available just for you.

Mobile App Development

We build mobile web app, that works on Android, iPhone and Microsoft Mobile phones.


Few of our Projects Executed

All Corporate OrganizationEnterpreuneursNon Profit OrganizationStartups


Constanly striving for excellence, standard with our eyes fix on quality and measurable result is what make us unique.

Our values are Constanly striving for excellence, standard with our eyes fix on quality and measurable result is what make us unique.

Izone5 Limited is an international organization born out of a strong desire to solve problems using information technology and deliver custom ICT system that brings increase and productivity. We work at the international level in two major languages: English & French.

We exist to solve problems and increase productivity of Organization or people through innovative information technology.

Our Team

Our team is made of passionate computer geek ready to cross all osbtacle for you and people of various different expertise ranging from Business analysis, Communication to management. Self

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected.
Steve Job


You have an idea, or a need . Just reach out to izone5 and relax.

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